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Pre- and Post-Move Cleaning Service

One of our most popular add-on services here at Professional Moving and Storage is the pre- and post-move cleaning service in Virginia. This is a part of the move that many people overlook, mostly because it is easy to get wrapped up in the logistics of the move. Will you hire a moving company to pack your boxes and wrap your furniture? Will you hire a company to do all the carrying, loading and unloading?

While you consider these important choices, you should also consider whether or not you will have the time and the help for the pre-move cleaning of your new place, as well as post-move cleaning of the place you are moving from. Call us for services in Richmond, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Fredericksburg, Petersburg, or anywhere throughout Virginia.

Benefits of Using Our Cleaning Services

We have added pre-move and post-move cleaning services to our list of services because we realize that it is something we can easily accomplish in the flow of making your move smooth and simple. Before the trucks arrive with your boxes, furniture, and belongings, we can make sure your new home is as clean as it ever has been. That way when you move, everything really feels shiny and new.

We know how hard it can be to get enthusiastic about cleaning the old place, especially once it is empty of your belongings and you know you will be leaving it behind. We like to do the post-move cleaning service after we move people out, because it allows us to clean up any packing materials that we have used or have been left behind. With post-move cleaning services, we can make sure everything is as clean as possible.


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