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Moving Tips

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Packing Tips

  • Make A List
  • Start By Getting Rid Of Things You Don't Want To Move
  • Separate Each Room Into Two Zones
  • One zone for the stuff you have to unpack right away when you get to your new location
  • and the other for stuff that can stay packed for awhile.
  • Label Your Boxes
  • Secure The Bottom Of Every Box
  • Pack Heavy Items Like Books Into Small Boxes
  • Pack Electronics & Appliances In Their Original Boxes, If Possible
  • Label Computer Cables Before Disconnecting
  • Keep Items You Will Want Immediately
  • Use Wardbrobe Boxes For Good Clothes & Draperies
  • Pack Clothing As You Wash It
  • Pack Dishes & Glassware In Plain Newsprint
  • Remove Or Secure Pendulums & Chimes
  • Do Not Pack Hazardous Waste Or Flammable Items


Hold A Successful Garage Sale

  • Plan Carefully
  • Advertise Your Garage Sale
  • Appearance Is Important
  • The Night Before Your Sale Put Out Large Signs With Arrows
  • Put Prices On Every Item
  • Divide Your Garage & Driveway Into Clearly Defined Zones
  • Use Old Sheets Or Shower Curtains To Cover "Not For Sale" Items
  • Keep An Extension Cord Handy To Prove Working Electrical Items
  • Arrange Items In An Attractive, Inviting Way
  • Try Marking Old Clothes As "Dress Up Clothes" In The Children's Area
  • Arrange Clothes By Size
  • Keep Lots Of Change On Hand


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