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Motorcycle Shipping

Motorcycle Shipping Richmond, VA 

For some it's a weekend sport, for others it's a lifestyle. Either way, your bike plays a major role in your life and here at Professional Moving & Storage we know how much your bike means to you. That's why we take pride in providing the best care and attention in the moving of your bike. There's nothing to be concerned about when Professional Moving & Storage is handling your motorcycle transport. We'll deliver your bike safe and sound to the final destination.  Whether you need just local delivery or cross country, Professional Moving & Storage provides door to door service with full tracking of your bike. Give us a call today and let's get your motorcycle shipping to Richmond, VA underway! 

We are here 24/7, so contact us today for more information on our motorcycle shipping services in Richmond, VA.

Motorcycle ready to be loaded for shipping

It's recommended that every customer follow a simple motorcycle shipping checklist both prior to and after the motorcycle transfer. Doing so will help the shipment go smoothly and help alleviate potential shipping issues. Below is a typical before and after motorcycle shipping checklist.  

Before Motorcycle Shipping: 

- Inspect your motorcycle for any dents, scratches, loose parts or missing pieces. 

- Make sure the battery is disconnected and tires are properly inflated  

- Take photos of the bike from all sides 

After Motorcycle Shipping: 

- Inspect your newly delivered motorcycle for any signs of damage 

- Make sure the battery is reconnected and tires are properly inflated  

- Take pictures of all sides of motorcycle to document condition 

Following these steps will help ensure that your bike arrives in the same condition it left. For more information about our motorcycle shipping services, please contact us today for a free quote. We look forward to helping you move your motorcycle safely and securely!

Origin Motorcycle Shipping Checklist

  • Drain Fuel
  • Empty Saddlebags
  • Place Bike in Neutral
  • Remove Keys
  • Keep Forks Unlocked
  • Retain Inventory Sheet Signed by Driver

Destination Motorcycle Shipping Checklist

  • Inspect Motorcycle
  • Note any exceptions or damage to the motorcycle

Professional Moving & Storage will provide shipping costs, transit coverage, and transit days information. Storage is also available.

Preparing for a safe and problem free motorcycle transport

Loading ramps can prove to be a risky way to load a bike that weighs hundreds of pounds. That's why Professional Moving & Storage only uses lift gates allowing your bike to stay completely still when moving from the ground to the truck and vice versa.

Once your bike is in the truck, it is carefully loaded onto a specially designed pallet and strapped down solid. If that isn't enough, we ship the bikes in air ride trailers that absorb road vibration.

Thorough inventory forms are drawn up at time of load. Customers always receive complete inventory documentation prior to shipping.

Every bike is double and sometimes triple checked before any vehicle movement begins.

The final checks reveal a bike that is ready to meet you in the new destination safe and sound.


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