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ATV MovingOff-road vehicles, like ATVs, quads, and four wheelers, are a joy to ride. These vehicles can handle almost any terrain or geography, but ATV owners know that care must be taken when riding them because recklessness can result in damage to the vehicle or injury to themselves. Care must also be taken when shipping these vehicles to new locations. Professional Moving & Storage knows how much your ATV means to you so we take the utmost care when moving your vehicle. Our moving professionals are highly experienced in moving ATVs and will ensure that your vehicle makes it to its destination without incident.

To ensure a smooth vehicle shipment, it's recommended that every customer follow a simple ATV shipping checklist both prior to and after the ATV transfer. Doing so will help alleviate any potential shipping issues that could arise. Below is a typical before and after ATV shipping checklist.

Origin ATV Shipping Checklist

  • Drain Fuel
  • Empty Compartments
  • Place ATV in Neutral
  • Remove Keys
  • Retain Inventory Sheet Signed by Driver

Destination ATV Shipping Checklist

  • Inspect ATV
  • Note any exceptions or damage to the ATV

Shipping costs, transit coverage, and transit days information will be provided by Professional Moving & Storage. ATV storage is also available upon request.


Loading ramps can be a risky way to load an ATV that weighs hundreds of pounds into a truck. At Professional Moving & Storage we only use heavy duty lift gates to lift the vehicle into the truck. This allows your all-terrain vehicle to stay completely still when loading and unloading from the truck.

Once your ATV is lifted into the truck, it is then moved onto a specially-designed pallet and strapped down. In certain instances, we may ship the ATVs in air ride trailers to absorb vibrations during transport.

Detailed inventory forms are prepared during the loading process; and we provide all of our customers with complete inventory documentation prior to shipping. Before leaving, our crew make multiple checks to ensure the ATV is secured at all parts of the shipping process. When the final checks are complete, your ATV will be on its way to its final destination, safe and secure every step of the way.


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