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White Glove Shipping

CRST_Specialized_Transportation_AnAgentFor_PMS872We're experts in High Value Products and White Glove Service

When it comes to high value shipping with white glove services, CRST is the go-to company for handling it. Whether it's a truckload or less than truckload, whether you're transporting one item to your home or 1,000 items to a business, we provide custom solutions to make sure your products are handled correctly each time.

Our Virginia-Based White Glove Services

We offer damage-free transportation and delivery solutions for:

  • High Tech: Computer hardware, servers, and other high-tech equipment.
  • Health Care: Everything from dental chairs to MRIs, laboratory equipment, equipment stations, incubators, hospital beds, and much more.
  • Office Equipment: From furniture to equipment, you can count on our "white-glove" services for your on-site needs.
  • Tradeshows & Events: From on-day-on-time delivery services, handling crated, padded or both and on-site representatives, all available 24/7.
  • Communications: From cellar and switching equipment to fragile audio visual equipment and retail displays, such as kiosks.
  • Financial: Returning leased equipment, from copiers and printers to larger products including lease process management.
  • Industrial Equipment: From single robotics machines to an entire factory relocation.
  • Museum & Fine Art: We are honored to be trusted with some of the world's oldest and most precious treasures.
  • Retail Fixtures: Kiosks to fixtures for rollouts to new store build outs.
  • Hospitality: We've installed thousands of hotel rooms successfully.
  • Consumer Products: From household appliances and furniture to safes and more.
  • Motorcycles: We provide elite moving services to transport your pride and joy.
  • Entertainment Equipment: From casino games to jukeboxes to pinball machines–we cater to buyers and sellers.


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